Who we are

We’re a team with the conviction that good design and good writing make a powerful pair. We have two partners and many resources – small, smart, and flexible.

Words and pictures. Without one, the other has less to say. Blakeley Words+Pictures is an experienced, effective editorial/design team with the imagination and skill to develop a uniquely appropriate form for your ideas. We give your message impact and authority.

Blakeley Words+Pictures provides a range of services in writing, graphic design, editing, and photography to communicate successfully in print and other media. The company also offers full-service publishing from concept to print, and now has its own publication division.

You identify the problem. We develop the solution.

What we do

We write, edit, design, and photograph. The key to making ideas memorable lies in the intelligent association of words and images. We take the pieces and develop them into effective communication.

How we do it

We believe that taking the work out of the committee room is the only way to get it done right. We listen, conceptualize, and help define the issue. Then we propose, develop, and resolve the solution.

Why choose us

We have the expertise and experience to give you first-rate work while making your job easier. We keep the process simple but the result sophisticated.